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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well here it is Halloween. Gosh I hate Halloween. Scary I know but the gobblins will get you if you don't watch out.
I am sitting here fasting waiting to go to IU hospital to participate in a study on kidneys. Fun way to spend the day huh?
I can't believe I didn't do a post on Sunday. Guess I am getting lazy about my posts huh? Kinda soon for that I think.
I also got some great news and haven't posted it yet either.
I got my surgery date. I am having DS surgery on December 13th at 8:30 a.m. That is the day before my 60th birthday. What a way to start a new decade. Embarking on a new and healthier lifestyle. I have a couple of appts in November to get me ready for this. One is with a nutritionist (it is an all day thing from 8:30 to 4:00) who will tell me what I should do and how I should eat after my surgery and the other is a day full of testing at the hospital to make sure that I am up for this surgery or what precautions should be taken during said surgery.
You know I see that number up there (60) and think no way can I be turning 60. I don't feel 60. How old do I feel? Oh I don't maybe 50 if even that. Closer to being in my 40's but definately not 60! Sixty sounds old and I'm not old. I remember my mom saying after she had a major surgery for an aortic annurism (okay I know that isn't spelled right but you get the idea of what I am talking about anyway) she was 70 then and she said now she felt old. That she hadn't felt old before. I was surprised as I had thought she was old for years. Now I understand what she was talking about.
Well folks I better get ready to go. Hope you all have a spooky day....and lots of laughs.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

No Late Day for me

Well I won't be late for church today, that is for sure. I went to bed last night and forgot to set my clock back an hour and so I woke at 7 a.m. and got in shower and dressed and came online to check on e-mail and read my favorite comic online (For Better or Worse by Lyn Johnston). Looked at my watch and it said 20 till 8 and service starts at 8 so I hurriedly got up from the computer and gathered my stuff and was walking out the door when I remembered about the time change. It was only 20 till 7 not 8. Alas I had forgotten to change the clocks. So it was back to the computer for me to kill an hour. Sure hate it when I do stupid stuff like that. I had even commented to my grandson yesterday that we would have to change our clocks back an hour and then I didn't do it. Oh well I should stop whining. It ain't gonna kill me to be up early for a change. I am such a lazy butt and love napping so will just take a nap when I get home from church.
Hey I finally got my surgery date. Got it on Thursday. The date is......December 13th at 8:30 a.m. Ta DA. That date is the day before my 60th birthday day. A great way to start a new decade of life....leading to a healthier me. Yippee Skippy!!
I am so sick of carrying around this extra person everyday. I wanna yell, "Get offa my back". I would like to lose somewhere between 130 and 150 lbs when all is said and done.
Our Colts play today. Hope we continue our winning streak! GO COLTS!!
Well hope you all have a blessed Sunday,
Hugs and Happiness from

Monday, October 23, 2006

Waiting is So Very Hard to Do!

As I have mentioned in my first blog I am going to have DS surgery. It is related to gastric bypass but is better. It has a better success rate for one thing. Won't go into it all here but if you are considering having weight loss surgery please research online and find out about the DS (Duodenal Switch). Anyway I got all of my paperwork together, went to meet with Dr. Inman. Met and had my psych consult and went to surgeons office to sign some papers. That was 3 weeks ago today. Was told it would be at least 2 weeks before I would hear anything. Well it has been 3 weeks and I still haven't heard anything. Waiting for my surgery date is hard. Of course after I get my date it will probably be another month before it happens, still it will be nice to know the date. I thought about this for years but just wasn't ready to do it but now I am.
I have a very busy day tomorrow and kind of dread it. I hate it when so many things come up on one day to be done. I have one thing tomorrow at 9:30 to 2:00 and then a drs appt at 2:30 and after that my son will need me to take him to work, and then last but definately not least, is a bible study from 7 to 8 p.m. I should sleep good tomorrow night :)
It is very cold here today. But hey it is October so what can I expect since I live in the midwest. I do like the changing seasons and think I would be bored living in a climate that never changes. The trees here are just beautiful right now too. All reds, and golds and yellows and still a few greens. If my digital camera wasn't on the blink I would take some pictures but alas it is dead. I need to buy another one but hate to buy anything for myself with Christmas so close.
I also want another digital camera so I can take pictures of my progress after my surgery.
Well I am just rambling on with nothing much to say. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Brrr Baby It's Cold Outside

Hi Blog readers, Good Sunday to ya. I have noticed that alot of the blogs I read don't usually update their blogs on Sundays. I wonder why that is? For some reason it is a good day for me to blog. Oh well, to each his own.
I had to get out my trusty ol credit card and use it to clean off my car windows this morning before I could drive off to church, (which was very good today btw). I probably could've found an actual window scraper in my trunk but that would take too much work and I knew where my credit card was :) Well at least my mums lived through the frost another day.
In my last posting I mentioned how happy I was to have my son home again. Well for the most part I am still happy about it but goodness it does bring about quite a change in my life and I don't think he realizes how much change. My trash cans are overflowing now and that didn't happen when he was gone. My house is smelling of smoke. I quit smoking 5 years ago this coming November 17th but he still smokes. Yuck it stinks. And to think I used to smell like that wherever I went. What was I thinking? I guess I was hoping that since he had quit smoking for the 10 months that he was gone maybe he wouldn't pick it back up ago but that wasn't the case. I think it makes a difference whether you give it up because you want to stop or because you are not in a position to be able to smoke.
I could make an issue of him going out to smoke but I don't. Heck I know what that feels like, to be a second class citizen because you smoke.
Well I guess I will get off of my high horse on smoking today.
Another change is that I can't get on my computer whenever I want to because he is on it now. Thankfully my mother taught me to share :)
Well I AM glad he is here for now anyway. He is my baby boy. I don't care how old he is. He was born last and will forever be my baby.
If you have stopped by to read this I say thank you and if you have a blog then leave me a link and I will pay you a return visit.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Just another Day?

Hi All, LOL as if anyone is reading this.
Today is Friday the 13th and I hate that! Spooky and all that wicca kind of stuff. Not my kind of a day. Now yesterday that was a day!!!
Yesterday I went and picked my son up from jail. He had been in since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving last year. He had violated his probation for something which ended him back in jail to serve out the rest of his sentence which was about 9 months, then while incarcerated he did something wrong in there and got an extra month. I swear sometimes I think he doesn't think...lol Think? naw I know he doesn't think. Although he is truly smart and is interested to carry on a conversation with. He just doesn't use common sense is all. I guess I didn't either much until I got a little older. But he should be getting there soon. He is 34 now.
Well it was good going to get him and bringing him home to roost for a while, until he gets another job and can get on his feet again. At least now I don't have to worry about him being beat to death in jail or sodomized or some such thing as that. I know he is safe here. But oh what a change in my life already. I was used to being here alone doing what I wanted when I wanted and now there is noise in my house and the phone is ringing off the hook and music playing and video games on and people in and out wishing my son good luck and welcome home.
I suppose I will survive all of this but will be glad when things get back to normal again...but then who is to say what is normal?
It has turned cold here over the last 3 days :( I wasn't ready for this yet. I miss sitting on my front porch watching the world go by. Winter is such a dreary season for me.
Well enough rambling for now. Hope all is well with you if you are reading this.
Hugs from DaPoet
TT (tenacious trish)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Monday

Well we made it through another week-end huh? How about that Colt's game yesterday with the Jets!! That last play was unbelievable. I was here yelling at the t.v. Glad we won though.
Went up North to Carmel area today to sign a waiver at doc's office saying that if Medicare won't pay for my surgery that I will pay it to the tune of 10,000 smackaroos. Whew, I must really want this surgery huh? Well I do. I am so sick and tired of being fat and have tried every diet in the book and the older I get the harder it is to take off this weight. Since the first week in August until last Friday (Sept 28) I only lost 4 lbs. At that rate I would probably be dead and buried before I lost all the weight I need to lose. I want to lose enough to be comfortable going out and working on my yard and taking a good long walk at Eagle Creek. Thinks like that. Should would be nice to be able to breath good again as well. I quit smoking almost 5 years ago now and still my breathing sucks. They tell me it is probably due to all the fat squeezing on my lungs. That is understandable.
I talked to the hospital just a little bit ago and they said that I would owe them 900.00 and something that Medicare won't cover. I will have to pay that too. I think that sucks too but will pay it if I have to.
Well enough about that stuff for now. I will update that when I get my surgery date.
I also do mentoring of 3rd graders at a local elementary school here near my home. This is my 3rd year to do that. Although in the past I always had 2nd graders. It is a very rewarding thing to do. Seeing how the kids progress in their reading skills throughout the school year.
I got home today from doing that to find a Mr. McDreamy on my front porch. It was the head guy/contractor who did the remodling of my house. My goodness he is yummy looking. What a treat to come home and find him here. He was waiting for the inspector to show up to do the final inspection. Well I told him he was welcome to come by and visit anytime he feels like it...lol
Hey you can't blame me. I am too old for him but I am not dead and sure do enjoy looking at him.
Well I guess this is about all I have to say for today. If I think of anything else I will add it later.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Welcome Sunday

I am glad Sunday is here and it is turning out to be a beautiful day. I just got home from church and glad that I got my lazy butt outta bed to go to early services. For about the last 4 weeks I just couldn't seem to pull my self up to go and then felt bad about it afterwards. My oldest daughter, Michelle, is supposed to come over today to see the new digs around my house. Her significant other, Deanna, is going to mow my grass. They are really thoughtful girls. My daughter has taken on 3 foster children to raise and she is loving it. Two little girls and a boy, all from the same mother. The last time something new was done to my house (which was to paint my living room walls a real pale yellow on 3 walls and a deep dark burgandy on the other wall, which Deanna did the painting for me) they came over and brought Alexis with them. She is 5 years old and when she walked into the living room she looked around in awe and said "WOW, what did you do...vacumn?" Of course we broke up in laughter over that comment. So I am anxiously awaiting her comments today. Oh btw, Alexis is the oldest and her sister, Shannon is now 3 and then there is brother Carl who will be 2 on New Years Eve. I was there in the delivery room when he popped out :)
I think I will end this drivel now but may add an addendum after their visit if anything good is said to share.
Thanks for visiting.