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Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

Well Spring is now officially here in Indiana. It has been in the high 70's for several days now and the daffodils are in bloom and the trees are budding and showing a hint of green. How lovely. Spring is my favorite season. Because everything is coming back to life again after sleeping through the winter.
I am feeling pretty well these days, for the most part. I am sure I could be losing more weight than I am but I am eating too often. At least I am not gaining. I am down to 238 now though.
I went to Goodwill this past Saturday and bought a pair of jeans which are size 22. They are tight but I can get them on :) If I would exercise more and eat better I could probably drop 20 more pounds pretty easily.
Got a little Spring cleaning done today. I woul love to rip up my carpet in the living room though. There is wood floor underneath and I know it would look better than this dirty carpet. I do know that the wood floor looks good around the edges but probably needs to be refinished in the high traffic areas. I think it would increase the value of my house though. I laid laminate flooring in the kitchen right after I moved in. I am going to buy a new fridge and gas stove in stainless steel sometime this year. Want to pay off my Plasma tv first. I bought it mainly to watch the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl :) Sure am glad we won....lol
Well that it is for now. Someday soon I am going to get my son to take my pic on the digital camera so I can post a current photo and older photo so you can see my progress.
Hugs to you and Blessings,

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Been Gone Too Long

Hi All,
Sorry I haven't updated my blog in sooo long. I feel so stretched on so many levels. I am still mentoring 3rd graders. I am picking my sister up from her kidney dialysis 3 x's a week and also taking her to the store and other such things. I have one daughter who is fighting a drug addiction, another daughter who is battling severe depression and a 34 year old son who is still living at home and doesn't make life any easier for me. Oh woe is me HuH? Let's have a pity party. Nah don't want a party for pity or any other reason. I am sure there are people who have it much much worse than I do and I should be grateful for all of my many blessings everyday. But anyway blogging just isn't top priority right now.
I am now down to 242.6 since my DS surgery on the 12/13/06. I go see Dr. Inman for my 3 month visit on 2/12/07 which is next week. It does seem like I am hungry most all the time though. But I am sure it is just head hunger and not body hunger. Still doesn't make it easy to live with daily, thinking I am hungry. Wasn't supposed to have any lettuce or salad making until I was 3 months out but was thinking of it all the time so gave in to it and it hasn't hurt me a bit. I am lovin it!! Matter of fact I am sitting here eating a salad I made right now. YUM! My favorite dressing is Red Wine and Vinegar by WishBone.
Well I will try to keep in touch a little better to keep up to date but until then you all take care and I will talk to you soon.
Hugs and Blessings,

Monday, February 12, 2007

Bad day at Bedrock

Spent a terrible week-end in lots of pain and suffering. Even paid a visit to the ER to see if maybe something was blocked in my stomach but after cat scan it showed there was no blockage nor any kinks in intestines. All I knew is that I was in excruciating pain. It hurt worse whenever I laid down which made it impossible to get any sleep Saturday and I was exhausted. Long about 7 a.m. Sunday morning I decided to try some "Maalox" and it helped alot. I was able to sleep for 2 hours then. I had quit taking my Nexium for about 5 days and I guess the bile in my stomach built up real bad and it hurt me lots. I won't let that happen again if I can help it.
I don't much feel like going to mentor today but will do it anyway. I called in last week and took off and don't want to miss 2 weeks in a row. I know the kids count on their mentor being there and I don't want to let them down. Also it doesn't set a good example for them by missing.
My son's girlfriend and her 19 month old son have come here from Ohio to spend the next 2 weeks. She is thinking of moving here and getting a job here so my son and her can be together. They, the girl and her son, are so very sweet but it makes my house a mess all the time having a baby around. But you just gotta love him cause he is just the most sweet and adorable tornado, whoops, baby around.
It seems like I have done a lot of complaining in my blog today. Sorry about that folks.
We are expecting much snow tonight and tomorrow and I have to take my sister to hospital tomorrow so she can have a new stint put in for her dialysis. That should be fun traveling if we get all the snow we are supposed to :)
Well enough of this I will end this tirade for now and hopefull will have new things to tell next time.

Monday, February 05, 2007

How about those Colts!!

Well to say we are ecstatic here in Indy would be putting it mildly. We are moved to tears around here. First of all I would like to say how very pleased I am with the Christianity that is showing in our coach and the players. It does my heart good to hear them give the Glory to God first. They played a hell of a game too. So did the Bears in the first half. But the Colts are known to be their strongest in the second half.
There is going to be a parade here this afternoon but I probably won't go as it is only supposed to get to 9 degrees for a high here today and I am in no mood to get sick with a virus.
I have my mentoring to do today. Did I tell you that I mentor? Well I do. It only takes an hour a week and I have 2 kids in 3rd grade that I mentor. They are learning how to read more fluently. This is my 3rd year to do this and it has been very rewarding all along. When you have been blessed with much blessing then it is so good to give back to others. I may not have much money (I am on disability) but there are many ways to give without getting into your purse.
Spent all morning working on my kitchen and cleaning it up. Only had about 6 people here last night to watch the game but there was still quite a mess to clean up. I made BBQ chicken wings and Ranch Dressing chicken legs and con quesa to dip our chips in which was very tasty.
I am definately hooked on the Food Channel and watch it everyday. Since I can't eat I can still watch food on t.v. LOL There is more than one way to get your food fix :)
I weighed in at 257.3 this a.m. that is from 301. I am going to have one of my kids take a new picture of me soon and post before and after pictures.
Well that is about enough for now. Hope you all have a good week ahead.
Hugs to ya!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

C'mon Patriots!

Show us what ya got Patriots. We are so ready to go to the Super Bowl this year and pity the poor team that stands in our way today! We, the Colts, have come so close to the Super Bowl for the last 3 years and the Patriots have stood in our way twice and if you count today it is 3 times but if faith and hope wins the game then we are in for sure. We have the best coach around, Coach Tony Dungy we love you! So let's go team. Bring home the Super Bowl rings this year!!
We got snow here. Our first good snowfall of the season. It has been a warm winter for the most part but finally got some snow. About 3 inches here. Looked awfully pretty for a little while till it got tramped up. We needed some good ol snow here. But now that we have had it I am ready for Spring:)
I am doing pretty well on losing weight so far. I am now down to 263 from 301 starting weight. Can't really complain about that seeing as how I am only 5 1/2 weeks out. Will be 6 weeks out this coming Wednesday.
Didn't go to church this a.m. because of the snow. I am not surefooted yet and I sure didn't want to go out and fall down. I am the Queen of Klutz you see. I have broken my back once and have broken my feet or leg 4 x's. Not to mention having a concussion and several stitches in my head from a fall going up steps. My mother should've named me Grace, then maybe I would've had some.
Well that is it for today.
Hope you all have a great week-end.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Welcme Sunday

Got to go to church today. Artie picked me up and we went together. Sure do love my church and church family. Was so glad to be there and see everyone.
Still having trouble getting in all my protein. Feeling blah and light headed some days. I go see my PCP on Tuesday. Wondering how weather might be then. We have been getting rain for last 2-3 days but they are talking about a winter storm could move through here like it did through Missouri. Not looking forward to that. So slippery underfoot when that happens and I am such a clutz, or an accident looking for a place to happen. I have broken each of my legs/and or foot 2 x's and my arm once which earned me a 4 day stay in hospital. I broke it really bad and they needed to do surgery but due to the trauma of the fall my sugar went way up and they didn't feel it was safe to operate on me. Now I can't lift up my left arm very high which makes it impossible to style my hair like I used to. So I keep it cut short now as it doesn't take much to fix it up.
I think when I go to the doctors on Tuesday that I will find I have lost more weight. Probably in the 260's by now.
Well if you stopped by to read this then thank you. Have a great day.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Year A New Day

Goodness I hadn't realized I hadn't blogged lately. Guess I am not very good at this blogging thing. I sure would be dissappointed if my ppl I read daily didn't blog any better than I do. I would've deleted them already. Well I will try to do better. I just live such a boring life and have nothing to write about most of the time.
But I can do some updating on my condition. I went to my DS doctor last Monday and have lost 27 lbs so far. Not bad for the first month I think. I am not counting the water weight gain I experienced right after surgery. That was 37 lbs in and of itself. Wow was I ever swelled up! I am counting what I weighed when they weighed me in before surgery on surgery day. That was 301 and now I am at 273 so that is the 27 lbs. But actually I am pretty sure I am in the 260's now. My scales say I am anyway. I go see my PCP this next Tuesday and will find out weight then.
I ate some chicken, cheese, pasta dish last night for dinner and haven't felt very good since then. I think maybe it is the carbs that done me in. Also my stool was black this morning so am thinking maybe I won't do that again anytime soon. So for breakfast this a.m. I did applesauce again. This is all a learning thing right now. If it makes me feel bad then don't do that dish again for a while.
I have been going to sleep between 8 and 9 p.m. every night which also means I am missing all of my favorite shows. Like Grey's Anatomy and ER on Thursday nights. Oh well I guess my body must need the sleep or I wouldn't be going to sleep so early.
Well guess I will go for now. Will post more when I have more to say.
Hugs to you all