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Sunday, January 21, 2007

C'mon Patriots!

Show us what ya got Patriots. We are so ready to go to the Super Bowl this year and pity the poor team that stands in our way today! We, the Colts, have come so close to the Super Bowl for the last 3 years and the Patriots have stood in our way twice and if you count today it is 3 times but if faith and hope wins the game then we are in for sure. We have the best coach around, Coach Tony Dungy we love you! So let's go team. Bring home the Super Bowl rings this year!!
We got snow here. Our first good snowfall of the season. It has been a warm winter for the most part but finally got some snow. About 3 inches here. Looked awfully pretty for a little while till it got tramped up. We needed some good ol snow here. But now that we have had it I am ready for Spring:)
I am doing pretty well on losing weight so far. I am now down to 263 from 301 starting weight. Can't really complain about that seeing as how I am only 5 1/2 weeks out. Will be 6 weeks out this coming Wednesday.
Didn't go to church this a.m. because of the snow. I am not surefooted yet and I sure didn't want to go out and fall down. I am the Queen of Klutz you see. I have broken my back once and have broken my feet or leg 4 x's. Not to mention having a concussion and several stitches in my head from a fall going up steps. My mother should've named me Grace, then maybe I would've had some.
Well that is it for today.
Hope you all have a great week-end.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Welcme Sunday

Got to go to church today. Artie picked me up and we went together. Sure do love my church and church family. Was so glad to be there and see everyone.
Still having trouble getting in all my protein. Feeling blah and light headed some days. I go see my PCP on Tuesday. Wondering how weather might be then. We have been getting rain for last 2-3 days but they are talking about a winter storm could move through here like it did through Missouri. Not looking forward to that. So slippery underfoot when that happens and I am such a clutz, or an accident looking for a place to happen. I have broken each of my legs/and or foot 2 x's and my arm once which earned me a 4 day stay in hospital. I broke it really bad and they needed to do surgery but due to the trauma of the fall my sugar went way up and they didn't feel it was safe to operate on me. Now I can't lift up my left arm very high which makes it impossible to style my hair like I used to. So I keep it cut short now as it doesn't take much to fix it up.
I think when I go to the doctors on Tuesday that I will find I have lost more weight. Probably in the 260's by now.
Well if you stopped by to read this then thank you. Have a great day.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Year A New Day

Goodness I hadn't realized I hadn't blogged lately. Guess I am not very good at this blogging thing. I sure would be dissappointed if my ppl I read daily didn't blog any better than I do. I would've deleted them already. Well I will try to do better. I just live such a boring life and have nothing to write about most of the time.
But I can do some updating on my condition. I went to my DS doctor last Monday and have lost 27 lbs so far. Not bad for the first month I think. I am not counting the water weight gain I experienced right after surgery. That was 37 lbs in and of itself. Wow was I ever swelled up! I am counting what I weighed when they weighed me in before surgery on surgery day. That was 301 and now I am at 273 so that is the 27 lbs. But actually I am pretty sure I am in the 260's now. My scales say I am anyway. I go see my PCP this next Tuesday and will find out weight then.
I ate some chicken, cheese, pasta dish last night for dinner and haven't felt very good since then. I think maybe it is the carbs that done me in. Also my stool was black this morning so am thinking maybe I won't do that again anytime soon. So for breakfast this a.m. I did applesauce again. This is all a learning thing right now. If it makes me feel bad then don't do that dish again for a while.
I have been going to sleep between 8 and 9 p.m. every night which also means I am missing all of my favorite shows. Like Grey's Anatomy and ER on Thursday nights. Oh well I guess my body must need the sleep or I wouldn't be going to sleep so early.
Well guess I will go for now. Will post more when I have more to say.
Hugs to you all