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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yup I voted

Hi there, did you go vote yesterday? Well I did. I have my mother to thank for that. I think if I hadn't went to vote she would've turned over in her grave. She was a devout Democrat. I wonder what she would think of the Democrats today? I hate it when people go and just vote a straight ticket. I vote for each thing separately. I am unhappy that Julia Carson won again. I wanted to see her out. I think she is too old to hold office. We need some new younger blood in there. Oh well enough on that election prose. I am sick of it anyway.
I took my sister (who is 15 months older than me) to the ER yesterday and they kept her. She has been having problems with her kidneys since this past March. I wish she would get well and stay that way. I hate the thought of losing her. We are such a small family now. Mom, Dad, Aunts and Uncles are all gone. Just my brother, sister and I remain and then of course our children. But of people I grew up with there aren't alot left. Getting old isn't for sissys. It is darned hard!! Not only having a young brain and an old body but losing people you love and who love you even though they have known you through good and bad.
We are having Indian Summer here in Indiana and I am loving it. Was in the 60's today and will flirt with 70's tomorrow.
Will close this out now. More again when there is more to tell.


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